2015 Starting off with a Bang!

We are starting 2015 off with a Bang! Bikes and Guitars,we just finished two Dean Cadi guitars for Hard Rock Energy drink and a nickel plated / candy Tangerine  Yamaha Bolt gas tank for Hageman classic motorcycles.

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Guitar drop off !

Had a visit today from Brad Lowe ,Lowe custom guitars. He dropped of a bass that needs a little TLC. Right about the same time I had  a visit from World Famous Brian Hoffman. He was bringing a Hoffman Custom Guitar for paint.I will have pics to follow.

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Holidays are upon us!

Wrapping up a few jobs before 2014 is done! Some moto repair, some moto resto and some git fiddles .  I have to say 2014 has been an interesting year. Keep checking back here at the Moe Colors site, in the coming year there will be a lot more content , merchandise and even a possibly a how to  segment .

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Action packed day “almost”


The 2nd of December started off  with a lot of wet sanding and buffing! Finishing up a guitar for Chafin Custom Guitars.

After lunch I headed over to my paint shop  so I could get to work on a new job for Corsa Moto Works, an Rc51 tank dent repair and refinish!20141202_161812

While starting the Rc51 project I  also wanted to get caught up with a project that started before Thanksgiving . A Benelli tank for Hageman Custom Motorcycles.20141202_15092820141202_163212

Keep following the progress of this tank, it is going to change quickly !

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Tank primed for Hageman!

Finished all of the body work for Greg Hageman’s Benelli tank early today, then applied the last five coats of epoxy primer. I’ll let that dry over the weekend and Monday the tank will get block sanded. Tuesday we start shooting color!

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